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Empowering individuals, corporations, and organizations with high-end videos to purposefully gain visibility over the internet, on The Big Screen, or in front of an audience.

Marketing DOES NOT have to look like the 1980's.

Broke Hoe Productions got you.  

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Broke Hoe Productions specializes in marketing, production, & interior/set design.

Our work is highly innovative, affordable,  cultural, & cutting-edge.

We create campaigns to assist in marketing your business.

The marketing you will receive is one of a kind.

We specialize in bringing visibility to your brand thorough a plethora of options ranging (but not limited to) music videos, commercial productions, professional food reels, brand awareness campaigns, & out the box marketing strategies. 


We also specialize in qualitative cinematic productions.

We ain’t say cheap. Let’s be clear. 


We are the middle man of all middle man’s… seriously, we try our hardest to specialize in somewhat affordable branding and unorthodox marketing campaigns.

Thorough years of connections and resources in the marketing game we firmly believe we can strategically and affordably (not fu%#ing cheaply) come up with a campaign to gain your (whatever you own and wanna promote) quality visibility. 


*Results Sold Separately*

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