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Movie-like videos/commercials written,

directed, & casted by Broke Hoe Productions 

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We new and starting out so be mf patient.

We not on CP time but we ain’t on Caucasian time yet either.

I guess we mixed.

Can you say that these days? Oh well. 

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 Writing & Directing cinematic projects can be a hassle.

Looking for projects on a budget?….Can’t afford movie like special effects?

Let our team of writers creatively visualize

BIG EFFECTS for a fraction of the cost.

Written & Directed by Broke Hoe Productions gives you a

cinematic looking project on a budget.

This is what we specialize in.


Ain’t no ghost writers in BHP writes & directs their own projects in an effort to see the project come to life.  

BRADSHAW (1800 × 924 px) (2).png

Written by: Broke Hoe Productions for

The Bando Food Museum Marketing Campaign 

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