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QUALITY > QUANTITY. It ain’t about the $$.

We DO NOT take all projects.

We are selective AF.

The Culture Ain’t for sell. Quality matters.  

(Place Holder Text for Tell the story of each video and the marketing objective or strategy was)

(Place Holder Text for Tell the story of each video and the marketing objective or strategy was)

Brand Awareness: 

Gorilla Marketing

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Written & Directed by

Broke Hoe Production 

DP & Editor:  Tommy 4k 

Written & Directed by

Broke Hoe Production 

DP & Editor:  Remarkable Media 

Written & Directed by

Broke Hoe Production 

DP & Editor:  Remarkable Media 

Video creativity directed by Broke Hoe Production

for Atlanta museum & food travel attraction,

The Bando.

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BRADSHAW (1800 × 924 px) (34).png

Creatively directed, shot, & edited by: Broke Hoe Productions. 

"Now I don't mean that phrase with no disrespect,
To all my niggas out there living in debt
Cashing minimal checks
Turn on the TV see a nigga Rolex
And fantasize about a life with no stress

Put yourself and your dreams first. (1).png

How the hell we got here (describing the art):


7 years ago I wanted to be a photographer. I went to Best Buy and purchased a cheap ass $200 camera. The next day I walked  around downtown ATL, Fulton Industrial👀, MLK, & Vine City with a backpack and shot these raw images of everyday people. Had conversations with people about their everyday struggles. Had real talks about the diaspora and what it meant to be black and struggle... I wanted to be Spike Lee so bad 😂. Went home & spent like 18 hours straight on a laptop self-teaching myself how to edit images. 14 hours of that was figuring out how to download the fucking software. 🤦🏾‍♂️Got bored the next day and thought I was wasting my time.

My mind is weird. Since a kid I’ve been able to remember images. It’s hard to explain but cultural visuals stick in my mind. Movie references, viral sound bites, iconic interviews, & more. I hear music differently than most. I’m able to mute songs in my head and JUST hear the sample music playing in the background. I was 8 years old memorizing harmonies from songs and writing movies in my head to them. At the age of 10 I wrote a stage play production. I felt weird…I’m able to hear music and see images, shapes, cinematic type movies appear quickly to me. It sounds crazy but that’s how I create marketing. It’s through music. I can’t explain it but at times I truly feel like Kanye. When he rants about being a billionaire through fashion and then 5 years later becoming one and NOBODY acknowledging that he was right… I feel that congestion of NOT knowing how to verbalize my thoughts and it becomes manic rages or frustrations that come out RAW AF... That shit is real as fuck. Not talking about his current shit. Just speaking about overall Frfr… go with me people. Lol. Music is the soundtrack to everything I create.


Idk. I was listening to J.Cole “Love Yourz”….. and in the song it goes, “It’s Beauty in the Struggle Nigga”. These images from 7 years ago came to my mind, INSTANTLY... The artistic space I was in when I youthfully & eagerly bought that cheap ass camera and was able to create these high quality images…. The song so methodically fit these images. I’m back in that creative space. I’ve never wanted a camera or to be a photographer but I know I need to get these images of LIFE out my head. I hold so much art and creative ideas in my head. I’ve never wanted to FULLY tap into that. I think… nah I know it’s time this year. God Willing. It truly has been beauty in the struggle coming full circle with just being in a creative space.  

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Creatively directed by Terrence Bradshaw

Shot by:

(Place holder text for verbiage about photo)


Creatively directed by Dexter 

Shot by:

(Place holder text for verbiage about photo)

BRADSHAW (1800 × 924 px) (31).png

 These high level international photographs were  

shot & edited on an old iPhone.

It’s all about having VISION.

Let us visually bring your ideas to life. 

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